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Rishabh Poddar  idea for  a new product

Making research papers easier for people to understand.

So we all know how painful it can be to understand research papers. So I was thinking of creating this tool that allows people who have read a research paper to connect with each other. So potentially, all the readers who have read “paper A” can connect with each other and its author (maybe).

The connection would allow one to post questions about the paper, and the question would then go to everyone who had previously interacted with this community (people who have read this paper before). Past question and answers are saved to benefit new readers.

This way, we can benefit readers by giving them more clarity on the subject. And we can benefit authors by giving them insights into how their paper was received by the community.

There are many problems with this model - like why would anyone apart from the author answer etc... but the general idea is above.


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